We are Leading supplier of 4g Copper Bonded Earth Rod, product made by high quality raw material that meets all the specifications required. 4g Copper Bonded Earth Rod is robust, highly reliable in operation and provides an efficient system for every soil type like sandy soil.4g Copper Bonded Earth Rod made superior quality row material which provides high conductivity with high strength. 4G earthing is highly accepted and admired name for 4g Copper Bonded Earth Rod which provides highs protection against corrosion, long life, easy installation and maintenance free. we offer 4g Copper Bonded Earth Rod which provides low resistance path to any faulty & leakage Currents in ground and ensures the smooth flow of the ground dissipation. 4g Copper Bonded Earth Rodacquires inbuilt terminal for better conductivity and does not need any clamp which offer hassle free process..

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