Copper Bonded Earth Rod

Copper Bonded Earth Rods are the ideal driven earth electrodes, as they offer the installer an economical and efficient earth rod grounding system. pure electrolyte copper is uniformly molecularly bonded into a high tensile steel core to a minimum thickness of 0.254 mm, thus ensuring excellent corrosion resistance and eliminating electrolytic action. Coupling threads are formed by a rolling process to ensure thread strength and to maintain the integrity of the molecularly bonded copper.

Copper Bonded Earth Rod System:

The Copper Bonded Earth Rod System includes certain accessories along with rod-like. Driving Stud: are made of steel and is ideal for use along with power hammers. Coupling: are made of copper alloy & counterbored to enclose threads. These exhibit strength & also highly corrosion resistant. These are used to connect driving stud to rod or rod to rod. Rod: These rods are molecularly bonded with 99.9 % pure electrolytic copper up to the thickness of 0.25mm, Rolled threads at each end give strength than cut threads. Clamp: Our clamps have high copper alloy content that provides strong resistance against corrosion.

Products Features

  • Uniform copper plating thickness over 0.3mm exceed UL standard.
  • It has high corrosion resistance quality.
  • Convenient installation and very beautiful appearance.
  • Magnetic conducting rate is low. Thus reducing the lightning induction.
  • The anti-tension is for higher than that of copper cable.


  • Copper bonded ground rod is by far the most popular grounding rod.
  • It is widely used in ordinary circumstance and moist /alkali/salty/acid soil and some special condition incurred with chemical corrosion.
  • It can be also used in chemical plant/petroleum/electrical/railway/telecommunication grounding.

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