Copper Bonded Earth Electrode

Copper Bonded Earth Electrode protects a stroke of lightning causes the generation of fault current that has a high potential to damage the electrical gears. It damages electrical systems as well as human life also. Hence, the grounding or earthing system has become quite indispensable to scatter away the fault current that keep precious electrical and electronic equipment safe and secure.

Benefits of Copper Bonded Earth Electrode

  • CPRI Tested.
  • 100 microns coating on iron electrode.
  • Continues Electroplating over Electrode result copper conductivity at outer section.
  • Variation in size availability.
  • Cost Effective.
  • Less space require at time of installation.
  • High Conduction on outer Section.
  • No Maintenance .

Advantages of Copper Bonded Electrode

  • Upto 250 microns Copper Bonding on Electrode.
  • Longer Life due to process of Bonding Over Electrode.
  • Highly Conductive.
  • Due to plating cost effective.
  • Easy to Install procedure of bond copper earthing electrode.

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