Eartrh Enhancing Compound

Earth Resistance Enhancing Compound is the world’s premium electrically conductive aggregate. Used as a backfill to enhance the effects of earth electrodes, enables electrical engineers to achieve permanent, stable and low resistance earthing solutions, even in difficult ground conditions.

An lightning earth is integrity of any lightning protection system. The final stage of a lightning protection system is essential a low impedance earthing and it will be provided a safe and efficient dissipation of the lightning discharge into the ground.

The type of lightning earth is dependant on site conditions and the soil condition. A typical lightning earth may utilize earth rods, tapes, clamps. an additional improvement required, the earth enhancing compounds in varying configurations to provide the lowest impedance earth.

Products Features

  • A low resistance earth allows lightning energy safe dissipation into the ground mass .
  • A low earth impedance provides a path for lightning impulses through the earthing electrodes to the ground mass.
  • A correctly sized earth rods can withstand high fault currents.
  • A good quality earthing hardware, which presents a high level of conductivity and minimizes the risk of corrosion. Copper accessories are the most commonly used in achieving the above requirements.
  • Obtaining a good earth resistance has always been a problem in soils of poor electrical conductivity
  • With the earth enhancing compound many of your difficult earthing installations can be greatly improved
  • Reduce the number of the workmanship and high guaranty of the network in the site area
  • The compound consists of a chemical solution of good electrical conductivity, when mixed with water and poured onto the earthing grid and surrounding soil

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